Fishing Gear Articles
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Loomis Float Rods G. Loomis Float Rods
Check out some new info on G. Loomis Canadas and Frontier Float rods.
US & UK Split Shot Sizes US & UK Split Shot Sizes
4 Swans ??? US and UK sizes and weights listed in this handy dandy chart!
Rodloft Vehicle Rod Rack
Check out this neat way to keep your rods safe and secure while in your vehicle.
Willy's Worm plugs Willy's Worms
Finally, our favorite steelhead plugs have an on-line color chart! Check 'em out!
Daiwa SG17LCA Repair
If you've got one of the new Daiwa 17's you may find the clutch slips or gets stuck. Learn how to repair it.
The Great Fluorocarbon Test
Are you like us and just gotta know how the different fluorocarbons rate?
Drift Boat Rigging
"No boat regardless of the price comes perfectly outfitted." Find out how to outfit yours!
DIY Studs
Slipping and Sliding go ya down? Try this 2 dollar quick fix!
Wader Logic
In the market for new waders? Get the low-down on the types of waders, and tips for staying comfortable.
Daiwa LC Series Comparison
Daiwa released it's SG17LC, but most of us can't keep all these models straight. Let's clear up the confusion.
Plug Hook Swap
Losing too many fish on the hook set? Check out this article to get better hook-ups and fewer lost fish!
Planer Board Installation
More boat traffic on the water means fish are getting spooked by your wake. Planer boards are one good solution.