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Centerpin 101


centerpin fishing DVD Centerpin 101 - The Basics of Float Fishing, Great Lakes style!

Join us on our quest to learn the art of centerpin fishing, Great Lakes style!

Our teacher is Mike Durkalec, a veteran steelhead fisherman and pinner from the Erie basin. He shares with us his passion for this specialized and deadly technique that's rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the Great Lakes.
In this video we cover:
  • A brief history of float fishing
  • Equipment selection
  • Basic rigging for a variety of river conditions
  • Casting a centerpin reel
  • Proper presentation
  • Hooking, playing, and landing fish
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This DVD, packed with 30 minutes of great float fishing instruction (and some gratuitous fish footage), is available for only $19.95 USD
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DVD Combo! - Get Started Today!
Centerpin 101 and everything you need to get started!
  • 300m spool of Siglon F
  • 3 Drennan Floats
  • Drennan mixed float caps

Only $39.95

Video previews!
Centerpin Rigging Centerpin Technique Centerpin FISH
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Centerpin 101


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