Spey, GLS
Centerpin 101


Welcome to Quest Outdoors Episode BLOOPERS!

Are you ready to laugh? We hope so… This section was by far the easiest to fill up! We’ve got absolutely no shortage of slips, falls, bad casts, dropped fish, broken rods, blown narration and more. This has become a viewer favorite, click a clip and you'll see why!

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WMV | Flash     6 Sec.
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Rick Whorwood proves the point...LOOK before you wade!
ASM Returns
13 Sec.604K WMV
Even the best of us get punchy after too many hours of taping...
Pig Fire 1
13 Sec. 358K WMV
What would Bueters Salmon Camp be without a toasty "Camp Fire"?
Salmon !
34 Sec.952K WMV
Nice little dance :~)
12 Sec.578K WMV
It happens to even the best of us.

Centerpin 101


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